We are buying Monday to Friday between 9AM & 4PM

Selling FAQ'S

We are currently not buying certain items and sizes. Please see the Overstock tab for a detailed list.

FAQ's about our buying program

When do you buy?

We buy Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm. No appointment is necessary since we buy  on a first come first serve basis.  If we aren’t finished processing your items at closing, we will hold over to the next day. 

How long will the process take?

We will try our best to give an estimated buy time based on how many items you have and how busy the store is. We aim for same day buying. Normally the buy time ranges from 30 minutes – 1 hour, but when we are busy or are working on multiple purchases, the process can take longer.  We do buy on a first come first serve basis.  So just like a restaurant, it may be slow one minute then 10 minutes later be crazy busy.

Do I have to wait in the store?

No, we know you have a life.  You have the option of leaving and receiving a text once we are finished.  We just ask you come back before closing to receive your offer, then payment.

If you stay in the store and don't want to receive a text that's cool too, we just can't gaurantee that we can get through your items in a short amount of time.

What form does payment come in?

We will make you a cash offer or a store credit offer and you can choose which you would prefer. 

Why do I sometimes get low offers on expensive items?

We always recommend that you try to sell expensive items online or privately before bringing them in to us.

We have a general guide as to what we should offer for specific items. This allows usto offer an amount that will benefit the customer selling to us, by giving as much compensation for the items as possible, while maintaining a price point that allows other customers to get the financial break they need to consider shopping resale.

There is never any obligation associated with our offers.

FAQ's on Selling to us

Prices fluctuate so items such as swings, strollers, exersaucers, walkers, etc. will be priced according to current market value (i.e. Amazon.com or similar) and not the original purchase price since styles and features of these items change and improve from year to year. Also, the season that items are being purchased in. 

Why would items sometimes be turned away?

There are several reasons we may turn away your items. The most common reasons would be:

- If your items are not in a box, tote or bin. We can not accept Garbage bags of any kind.

- If your items are not folded or layed flat,or are inside out, outfits together is ideal,  it may result in us missing  items that we otherwise may have been able to purchase.

- If your items are ripped or stained we will not offer on them.

- If your items are not a current style (within the past 5 years) When clothing items age they tend to deteriorate in quality.

- If your items have bugs in them they will be passed on immediately and not looked at.


Why are even high quality items sometimes turned away?

Even a high-quality item or something brand new with a tag can be turned away when the store is over-stocked in that specific category, or when the item is not in high demand within the store’s customer base. If you have a question, be sure to ask at checkout.

How many items can I bring in at one time?

We ask you limit the amount of totes, bins or boxes to 2 per day.

What sizes do you accept?

Preemie to Youth size 14. Please keep in mind that newborn  to 12 month sizes quickly become overstocked since so many parents receive many clothing gifts in those sizes.  Typically clothing in these newborn sizes are in great shape since they are only worn once or twice so we can only take the best of the very best or items that are new with tags.  Please don’t get discouraged if we have to pass on those tiny newborn sizes. Our buying opens up once we get to size 18 months. Our Youth sizes are sometimes overstocked in size10-14 except for athlectic wear. Please check our What We Are Not Buying - Overstock page before coming in.